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My Memoir

This is not your average messiness. But this is Ashley Berry’s life.


In Separate Things, Ashley fumbles through life, graying up the parts that are so intensely black and white, while learning that molding herself into this “normal” world is not the same as living in it. Never hiding from the stigma, she voices her opinions to others in order to help them understand that being slightly nutty can look different on everyone.


Running from a flood of mental illnesses, Ashley shares her raw, intimate journals from psychiatric stays, moments trying to find the sunlight, and the callous feeling of not wanting to be here anymore.


Peeing in foam cups and ruminating for hours about catching pedophilia is just a tiny glimpse into her sometimes manic life. She shares her stories in a very direct way that will only make you feel more compassionate to those who are touched by this light.

**Separate Things a Memoir, is available on Amazon.


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